Access to Aerodrome Branch of the Chofu Aerospace Center Access F (Mitaka → Ryugenji → 7 mins walk)

Mitaka → Ryugenji → 7 mins walk Chofu Aerospace Center Aerodrome Branch

Toward South exit

Turn left

Down to south exit bus terminal

Turn right to find Bus stop 6

From bus stop 6, get on one of the following buses to get off at Ryugenji (竜源寺).
・Taka 52 (鷹52) bound for Sakakibara Heart Institute (榊原記念病院) or Kurumagaeshi danchi (車返団地)

Get off at Ryugenji (竜源寺)

Walk along the street toward direction the bus travelling till you find a convenience store on your left.

Make a U-turn at the corner of the convenience store

Turn right at the first T-junction

Continue straight for appx 400 meters down the street (5 mins)

You can find the entrance to aerodrome branch on your left forward.