Kakuda-shi, Miyagi Kakuda Space Center


【Temporary Closure of Exhibition Room】

The space development exhibition room will be closed an hour earlier at 16:00 on October 7th due to the maintenance.
We’re very sorry for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding.

Currently, the exhibit items indicated below are not available.

  • The visitor stamps
  • Hayabusa simulator
  • Book corner


Admission is free.
Prior reservation is required. You can apply at the security gate on that day of your visit, but we might limit the number of people entering the exhibit to avoid the crowd.

【Dear Visitors】

To prevent from the novel corona virus infection, we kindly request

  • Anyone experiencing cold symptoms (fever and other relatively light cold symptoms like cough and sore throat, including loss of sense of taste and smell), or a person returning or arriving in Japan from overseas in the past two weeks, to refrain from entering JAXA premises.
  • Wear face masks


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We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

The Kakuda Space Center (KSPC) leads research and development in rocket engines, which are the hearts of the vehicles that carry satellites into outer space. Since the Kakuda Space Propulsion Laboratory (the former National Aerospace Laboratory of Japan) merged with the Kakuda Propulsion Center (the former National Space Development Agency), the KSPC has played an important role in improving rocket engines.

In addition to the research, development and testing of liquid-propellant engines for the H-IIA and other launch vehicles, the KSPC has also been playing an important role for R&D of an apogee engine for a satellite as well as of a small spherical solid rocket motor. Various research, from basics to applications related to launch vehicle engines turbo pumps, combustors, and nozzles, is also conducted at the KSPC to contribute to improving Japan’s launch vehicle engine technology.
Lately, we are also engaging in development of a compound engine as a future high-performance engine that can be used both on the Earth and in space. Experiments and research by simulating re-entry to the atmosphere are also performed at the KSPC.


1 Koganesawa, Kimigaya, Kakuda-shi, Miyagi 981-1525



Main Facilities

High altitude test stand for development
Integrated feed system test stand (FETS)
High Enthalpy Shock Tunnel (HIEST)
Ramjet Engine Test Facility
High altitude test stand for research use
Cryogenic Advanced Turbopump Test Stand
Reseacher Interchange Bldg

Tours and Exhibits

Models of rocket engine parts, test models of ramjet engines and boards explaining research are on display in the exhibition room. A liquid-fuel rocket engine is exhibited outdoors.


Phone +81-50-3362-7500
Fax +81-224-68-2860


Automated External Defibrillator(AED)
Vending machine
Barrier-free Handicapped stall


Open 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
closed Saturday, Sunday, national holidays(November to March), and New Year Holidays(Dec.29 to Jan.3)
Entrance of pet Guide dog, hearing dog and care dog are permitted.

* Free admission


  • Free parking lot for 25 passenger cars, and four large-sized cars.
  • Baby strollers and wheel chairs: Two wheel chairs are available (free of charge.)
  • No eating is allowed in the building.
  • You can bring your own lunch to eat outside of the building but no litter bin is available.

Important Notice for Tours

* Do not damage any exhibited items or enter any restricted areas.
* No smoking is allowed in the buildings. There are designated smoking areas.
* We do not accept visitors under the influence of alcohol.
* There are no souvenir shop and restaurant.


Space Development Exhibition Room

There are exhibits of rocket and ram jet/RBCC engine components in the exhibition room. There are panels that explain each research and development activity. Free admission.

Video Theater

There are videos about activities of JAXA, space, and rocket.