Nishikasugai-gun, Aichi Nagoya Flight Research Center

Nagoya Flight Research Center, which is adjacent to Prefectural Nagoya Airport, is a research and development base for high-speed and high altitude flight demonstrations that could become possible by using the jet flying test bed (jet FTB) “Hisho.” Hence the center plays a core role in Japan’s aviation experiment and research work.

Its infrastructure and environment are suitable for flight demonstrations and research with a hanger that can store three aircraft, and also host a Flight Experiment Control Room, from which we can monitor flight demonstrations in real time, and a Experiment Preparation Room, which allows us to carry out ground tests for a variety of equipment. At the center, we also can promote technological support to small to mid-size companies and facilitate research exchanges among different fields based on a collaboration and cooperation agreement with Aichi Prefecture.


4520-4 Norifusa,Aoyama,Toyoyama-cho,
Nishikasugai-gun, Aichi



Main Facilities

Hanger for Experiment Aircraft (Three aircraft can be stored.)

Glass walls were adopted for the Hanger.

Others Facilities
  • Flight Experiment Control Room
  • Experiment Preparation Room
  • Collaborative Research Room
  • Flight Plan Room