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Satellite Launch Vehicle records before September 2003.
See here for major projects in the field of aeronautics (October 2003 -)

Launch Vehicle Launch Period Mission
L-4SL 1966 - 1970 The first Japanese Satellite "OHSUMI"
M-4S 1970 - 1972 Test Satellite "TANSEI" (MS-T1)
1st Scientific Satellite "SHINSEI"
Radio Exploration Satellite "DENPA" (REXS)
M-3C 1973 - 1979 Test Satellite "TANSEI-2" (MS-T2)
Upper Atmosphere Observation "TAIYO" (SRATS)
Cosmic Radiation Satellite "HAKUCHO" (CORSA-b)
M-3H 1977 - 1978 Test Satellite "TANSEI-3" (MS-T3)
Aurora Observation Satellite "KYOKKO" (EXOS-A)
Magnetosphere Observation Satellite "JIKIKEN" (EXOS-B)
M-3S 1980 - 1984 Test Satellite "TANSEI-4" (MS-T4)
Solar Physics Satellite "HINOTORI" (ASTRO-A)
X-ray Astronomy Satellite "TENMA" (ASTRO-B)
Mesosphere Observation Satellite "OHZORA" (EXOS-C)
M-3SII 1985 - 1995 Halley's Comet Observation Satellite "SAKIGAKE" (MS-T5)
Halley's Comet Observation Satellite "SUISEI" (PLANET-A)
X-ray Astronomy Satellite "GINGA" (ASTRO-C)
Aurora Observation Satellite "Akebono" (EXOS-D)
Mu Space Engineering Satellite "HITEN" (MUSES-A)
Solar Physics Satellite "YOHKOH" (SOLAR-A)
X-ray Astronomy Satellite "ASCA" (ASTRO-D)
Experiment Reusable Space System EXPRESS
M-V 1997 - 2006 Radio-Astronomical Satellite "HALCA" (MUSES-B)
Mars Orbiter "NOZOMI" (PLANET-B)
Asteroid Sample-return Spacecraft "Hayabusa" (MUSES-C)
X-ray Astronomy Satellite "Suzaku" (ASTRO-EII)
Infrared Imaging Satellite "AKARI" (ASTRO-F)
Solar Physics Satellite "HINODE" (SOLAR-B)
N-I 1975 - 1982 Engineering Test Satellite I "KIKU-1" (ETS-I)
Ionosphere Sounding Satellite "UME" (ISS)
Engineering Test Satellite II "KIKU-2" (ETS-II)
Ionosphere Sounding Satellite "UME-2" (ISS-b)
Experimental Communications Satellites "Ayame" (ECS)
Experimental Communications Satellites "Ayame-2" (ECS-1b)
Engineering Test Satellite III "KIKU-4" (ETS-III)
N-II 1981 - 1987 Engineering Test Satellite IV "KIKU-3" (ETS-IV)
Geostationary Meteorological Satellite-2 "Himawari-2" (GMS-2)
Communication Satellite-2a "Sakura-2a" (CS2a)
Communication Satellite-2b "Sakura-2b" (CS2b)
Broadcasting Satellite-2a "Yuri-2a" (BS2a)
Geostationary Meteorological Satellite-3 "Himawari-3" (GMS-3)
Broadcasting Satellite-2b "Yuri-2b" (BS2b)
Marine Observation Satellite-1 "Momo-1" (MOS-1)
H-I 1986 - 1992 Experimental Geodetic Satellite "AJISAI" (EGS)
Magnetic Bearing Flywheel Experimental System "JINDAI" (MABES)
Japan Amateur Satellite-1 "FUJI-1" (JAS-1)
Engineering Test Satellite V "KIKU-5" (ETS-V)
Communication Satellite-3a "Sakura-3a" (CS3a)
Communication Satellite-3b "Sakura-3b" (CS3b)
Geostationary Meteorological Satellite-4 "Himawari-4" (GMS-4)
Marine Observation Satellite-1b "Momo-1b" (MOS-1b)
Deployable Boom and Umprella Test "ORIZURU" (DEBUT)
Japan Amateur Satellite-1b "FUJI-2" (JAS-1b)
Broadcasting Satellite-3a "Yuri-3a" (BS3a)
Broadcasting Satellite-3b "Yuri-3b" (BS3b)
Japanese Earth Resources Satellite-1 "FUYO-1" (JERS-1)
TR-I 1988 - 1989 The acquisition of technical data for the development of a H-II rocket
TR-IA 1991 - 1998 Development of device technology to prepare for the space utilization
H-II 1994 - 1999 Orbital Re-entry Experiment (OREX)
H-II Launch Vehicle Evaluation Payload "Myojo"(VEP)
Engineering Test Satellite VI "KIKU-6" (ETS-VI)
Space Flyer Unit (SFU)
Geostationary Meteorological Satellite-5 "Himawari-5" (GMS-5)
Advanced Earth Observing Satellite "Midori" (ADEOS)
Japan Amateur Satellite-3 "FUJI-3" (JAS-2)
Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission "TRMM"
Engineering Test Satellite VII "KIKU-7"(ETS-VII)
Communications and Broadcasting Engineering Test Satellites "Kakehashi" (COMETS)
J-I 1996 Hypersonic Flight Experiment (HYFLEX)